We’re stoked to announce the launch of:
Ludus Athleisure, stockists of Ghost Lifestyle and Ryderwear.
Health is the new wealth - you know this right? Relevant in a fitness-crazy market with a massive need to be fashion-forward (as well to be seen wearing the hottest gear) Ludus Athleisure is bringing South Africans the most current in lifestyle and workout brands: Ghost Lifestyle and Ryderwear.
CEO of Ludus Athleisure, Greg Shaw channels billionaire businessman Warren Buffet in unpacking what his retail company’s vibe is all about. As Buffett puts it, “your premium brand had better be delivering something special, or it’s not going to get the business.” This all might sound way serious when all you want is cool new sneakers, but without premium quality brands making premium quality goods, your hard-earned cash is totally burned. And the market isn’t just into amazing gym wear and leisure apparel; enter supplements that are perfectly balanced – and crazy-delicious tasting too - to keep even the unfit working out like beasts. Seriously? Seriously.
Ghost Lifestyle is like no other lifestyle brand you’ve ever seen; the design alone is mind blowing. The world’s first lifestyle sports nutrition brand Ghost Lifestyle doesn’t just taste sick, it looks sick too. It’s legend, bru! This is a range of products that goes way beyond cut-and-paste design and into the world of neon-bright, in-your-face popular culture. Read: seriously cool. If it’s hip, if it’s now, if it’s badass, it becomes part of the Ghost Lifestyle brand. The company collaborates with edgy creatives like graffiti artists and painters to pull together an aesthetic that’s so alive it’s hard to ignore – but in a good way, we assure you. Shoes – or let’s get real dudes, sneakers – are a massive part of the brand ID and the look and feel of legend footwear has merged into the design of the supplement packaging and gear. Speaking of which, Ghost Lifestyle’s supplements are the bomb; they’re pumping, energy revving and give you focus. These supplements are what kids in the 90’s would call “lank kiff.” The Ghost Legend Pre-Workout supplement is addictive. Want a tasty shake? This is what you need, whatever the situation. Tip: down it before squeaking takkie at the club - and no, we aren’t joking! There are no crazy claims on the tub or confusing product specs, but rather a “what it says on the label” approach. You can also get your hands on gear like caps, hoodies and bottle shakers – and wear and use them like the legends you are! Because as soon as they check it out, your crew will want what you’ve got.
Ryderwear, a stand out workout gear brand that’s got you covered from head to toe – literally - specialises in hip street style with a super comfy feel. Because who wants to feel all tightly constricted at the gym, right? Perhaps one of it’s biggest plus points are the seriously impressive line of weight lifting shoes designed to support feet and ankles as you squat and lift heavy weights. And there’s so not anything boring about the look and feel of these kicks; they’re workout shoes with massive swag. Modern shades, colour blocking and fierce textures make Ryderwear’s iconic footwear so much more than just must-have items. These are LUST-HAVE items. The brand also thinks broadly and doesn’t design for gym junkies alone; clothes like yoga and Pilates statement shorts and leggings means Ryderwear knows that downward dog feels so much better when your body is dressed for the heart pumping, feel-good sweat of your choice. And like the brand’s shoes, these designs are epic. If you want to work out like a boss, and look a crazy-hot boss while doing so, up the fashion-meets-fitness stakes with Ryderwear.
When’s this all happening? Customers can say “Howzit!” to Ludus Athleisure stockists of Ghost Lifestyle and Ryderwear at the online store or the retail space – at 120 Regent Road, Sea Point open from 1st July 2017. And yoh, it's going to be a vibe, so check you all there!

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