Athleisure (noun): casual clothing — like yoga pants, sweat pants, and hoodies — that are designed to be worn both for exercising and for everyday life.
LA is a proudly South African Athleisure company based in Cape Town created by 6 mates with a keen interest in fit and healthy living.
The name comes from the Roman word describing a training ground for gladiators to rise in strength and status and ultimately kill all the competition.
The brand was born out of the need for quality Athleisure wear and unique supplements we weren’t seeing in the fledgling South African Athleisure market.
Our aim was to make the finest international brands available to fellow South Africans through our online and flagship store in the Mother City.
We offer fashionable street-wear, fitness and Athleisure clothing that is not only nice to look at but offers a degree of comfort that should be a given.
In addition to apparel, Ludus Athleisure offers a range of footwear specifically created for the gym environment providing you with grip, support and a firm foundation in the weights section.
We are also stockists of US sports nutrition brand Ghost Lifestyle whose unique take on the world of nutritional supplements and one of a kind flavours separate them from the pack.

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